Sunday, May 24, 2009

Helmet Forensics

Since Oscar was riding solo, we've been trying to piece his ride together. Today we were looking at his helmet. He can't remember if he was wearing it or not, but my wife said he walked into the apartment with it in his hand, so He had it with him.

Last summer I brought him down two helmets; a Bell Venture (what I wear) and a Bell BMX/downhill full-face. He prefers the full-face style wise, and that is what he had with him.
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This is all speculation, but looking at the forensic evidence, it looks like he was wearing the helmet, and I am glad it was the full-face.

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1.) Looks like the point of impact was right on the face-guard. He probably would have broken/lost some teeth (happened to me once) if he hit face first with a regular helmet. The helmet saved his face.

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2.) There are also chips on the top left of the helmet, so it looks like momentum carried him over in a somersault and he hit the top of his head too.

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3.) There are some scratches barely visible inside the helmet. The polystyrene did not break, therefore did not dissipate the the impact's energy. The semi-hard shell, took the brunt of the punishment.

4.) Looking at these impact marks, looks like his brain was sloshing around in his skull pretty good. Probably the first impact, the brain's frontal lobe hit the front of the skull, the second impact probably just sloshed things around a bit more.

I will replace this helmet when I return from the USA in July. He also wants some body armor. He got a few scratches on his right leg and right arm.


SS:Mtn Biker said...

I hope he's doing better,Mims. :)

Mimbres Man said...

Well the neurologist wants Oscar to see a cardiologist now...he says his heart rate isn't normal for a 15 year-old.
I don't know...the doctors in PLC have the reputation of not being very good. I am tempted in taking him to Caracas for a check up.