Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scotland!!! The Bike Trip, Part III, 7 Aug 2007

Day three, we rode from Kinguisse (famous for its shinty championships) to the whisky town of Tomiltoul. This was technically the most demanding of days with a lot of varied terrain. We rode through the heart of the Cairngorms; forded steams, climbed hills, blasted down two track, rode single track across heather-filled bogs, and up and over a technical scree slope (I almost cleaned it, but bobbled near the top in the brick-sized/shaped rocks). The town of Tomiltoul the second highest village in Scotland and is on the Whisky Trail. I bought two bottles of single-malt (one was given to my mother's husband, and other was enjoyed at the SPC...but more on that later).
The bikes were pretty thrashed after this day. I had broken a spoke on the Litespeed, plus my brake pads were wearing down quickly. Darn those V-brakes!

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