Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Summer Update Part I

July 12: I flew to Miami direct from Barcelona, Venezuela via Avior Airlines! No need to deal with Caracas anymore! Yeeha! It was a great flight on an older 737. In Miami, I cleared customs then checked my bike and my bag onto Continental Airlines on to El Paso, TX. It was a very quick and smooth journey from my place in Lecheria to El Paso.

July 13 - 31: Hung out in Silver City with friends and family. It was too muddy to mtn bike but I did do some road biking and got my butt kicked. Drove to Fence Lake to look at property but decided it was too expensive for what and where it was. Drove up to Gallup to see Stan-the-Man! He's one of my favorite friends. Great guy! Then over to Corrales and Albuquerque to see Jim, Roma, as well as my son Kyle.

I took Kyle on a little road trip up the Jemez Canyon, then over to Cuba, NM. Cuba was part of my old territory from 20 years past, then drove down to Torreon, NM to show Kyle my first community where I started my teaching career in 1985. It is still a beautiful place. I even ran into some of my old students! These guys were now in their 30's! Nuts!

Also during this time, I drove to Phoenix to see RUSH in concert. Stan gave me a free ticket and we met there at the Cricket Pavillion. It was a good show. The next day I drove up to Black Canyon City to see my good friend Mike. Its always good to see Mike. We did a couple of rides together then I had to get back to Silver City to get ready for Scotland!

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