Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scotland!!! Bridge of Allen and Stirling

I milled around the village of Bridge of Allen for a few days. I had planned on going south to ride the Seven Stanes, but the rains returned, I was freaked about hunting for a place to stay, worried about getting back to the Edinburgh airport on time, and I was generally concerned about my expenses. I decided to lay low and just wait till my return trip.

John Will was with me a few days. We stayed at a couple of B & B's, hit the pubs, and after a couple of days, he flew back to the USA. I also had to find a new place to stay and ended up at a cheap hotel.

I walked around a lot. I walked to the Wallace Monument. I climbed the stairs, I walked around part of the University of Stirling, then I discovered the bus line that would take me downtown Stirling.

Stirling was/is a nice city. Very clean, very friendly. I stumpled upon a genuine Scottish pub, The Claymore. Being the only "Yank" in the place, I was treated with curiosity and friendliness. I met some real Scottish characters. Lots of fun! After 3 pints, I decided I better leave, and I meant to return but I never did. Instead I walked to the castle.

That is how I spent my days in Bridge of Allen and Stirling.

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