Monday, September 17, 2007

Scotland!!! The Bike Trip, Part V, 9 Aug 2007

From Garnshiel, we did a great section of pavement to the town of Balleter. It was a beautiful place. After visiting the local ATM (cash supply running out), we continued down the road to a "royal horse trough". I don't know what else to call it. Apparently Queen Victoria loved riding her horses through the Scottish glens and mountains. Scattered here and there are horse troughs for her majesty's mounts.

From the royal horse trough, we off roaders took off up Glen Tanar. Story goes, that Glen Tanar is the most pristine glen in Scotland. It still has all of its trees! The owner of the land, bought his trees back from the government during WWII. He saved the trees so they wouldn't be made into troop carriers or Mosquito fighter/bombers.

Up the glen we rode, and on the shoulder of Mount Keen (939 meters), Scotland's eastern most monro (a monro is a mtn that is over 3000 ft or 918 meters). It was about a mile of hike-a-biking then onto top. The ride across the heather was fairly easy, then a screaming descent! We rode pavement (ugh) into Edzel for our last night on the bikes. One more day to the North Sea!

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