Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dealing with Death ( added)

The core of this was first written as a e-mail to a friend. I liked it.

Today Sally's body was cremated. Daniel and I did a last tribute/joke/FU "Betty" today. "Betty" is the bitch who took over the school and basically ran it into the ground through her indifference and incompetence. ("Betty" was put in place by the school's new owners). "Betty" was equally disliked by teachers, students, parents, and Sally. Betty is an incompetent buffoon.

Back to the story...

We followed the hearse/van to the cemetery where the the crematorium is located. While Daniel took care of paperwork, the van driver gave me all the flowers that were at the viewing of the body yesterday. I had a large wreath of roses and ferns, a cross of chrysanthemums, and a couple of other bundles of flowers; more roses, some daisies, etc. After one last viewing and crying session, the body was taken into the crematorium, I asked Daniel what he wanted to do with the flowers since I had a trunk full of them. "Lets take them to the school!" he said.

So in a final tribute to Sally, Escuela de las Americas, and a big "F**k You 'Betty'", we wired the crucifix which was a top the casket to the front gate along with the huge (1m in diameter) flower wreath ,and the flower cross (about 75 cm long 50 cm wide). I am sure Sally was smiling down.

I had to leave to go back to work, so Tania drove by afterward and said it looks great! She said people were slowing down and checking it out. I'd love to see "Betty's" reaction in the morning.

As Nelson on The Simpsons would say, "Ha HA!"

Its been a wild weekend. Here, they don't give you much time to prepare and plan when it comes to death. When it happens, it's like, "drop everything and deal with death" time.


Amy said...

Sally is my "aunt", and to think of you and Daniel doing this, just cracks me up...something Sally would probably never have done herself, but something she probably wished she could. I searched her name on the internet, and found your blog. Thanks for making me smile it has been hard to do that up to this point. -Amy Bruns, Houston TX

Mimbres Man said...

Thanks Amy. Sally was a great woman. A special woman. She's with Riley now. She's happy!

See my Legacy post as a follow-up.