Tuesday, June 23, 2009

R.I.P. SD 1000

I took my Canon SD1000 scuba diving on Thursday. I used a vinyl waterproof camera bag that was rated to 33 ft (10 m) which is 1 additional atmosphere. Everything was fine to that depth, we we soon swam down to 40 ft and hit somewhere around 49 ft at our low point. At this point, I noticed the bag taking on water. Soon the camera was immersed in sea water and was fried. This is really unfortunate because I was getting some spectacular shots underwater. We saw all sorts of cool sea creatures.

I've decided I am finally going to invest in a real underwater housing unit for the next camera...probably a SD1200IS.

PS: Posting this from the USA. I arrived today. Tania is very upset that I came.

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Ryan said...

Hey Mimbres Man. Tracked to your blog through a comment you left on the Tour Divide blog.

Don't chuck that SD card! I've had some of my camera gear get hosed in a downpour, but then just left it out to dry for a week and was able to recover some of the shots. You may need to rinse with fresh water and let dry to get the salt out, but you'd be surprised what you can recover sometimes.

Best of luck!