Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mom #2

Sally, my "mom #2", went into the hospital Monday. Her son, Daniel called me tonight she has slipped into septic shock. Her chances of recovery are grim.

Sally and her husband, Riley, immigrated to Venezuela from Texas in the 60's. They loved Venezuela. Its was a paradise to them. They built a life here; farmed, drilled for oil, and raised their two boys. Unfortunately I never got to met Riley before his passing in 2000. He sounds like he was a real character. As Daniel has told me, his father died like he lived; tough as nails. Sally loved him like no one else.

Sally hired me in 2001. She was the part-owner and director of Escuela de las Americas - PLC. As director, she gave me free rein as ELA's new science teacher. She was supportive and encouraged me to be creative and innovative. She allowed me to experiment with my own own projects. She just wanted the students at ELA to learn science!

Like a mom, though she was 100% supportive and protective, but she could also be scolding. If I messed up (like teachers do from time to time), she let me know about it. But also like a mom, she protected us like a mother bear with her cubs. And that's what she did at ELA...she built a family. She was the best boss I've ever had and ELA was the best school ever because of that family atmosphere. She loved the school! The students loved the school, and we teachers loved the school.

ELA was sold in 2005, The loss was devastating to her soul.

Now school formerly known as ELA will close its doors forever next week. The new owners could not make a go of it. With the passing of the school, so probably will Sally. That school's heart and soul was also her's.

Say a prayer for Sally tonight.

ELA is dead...Long live ELA!


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Thoughts and prayers coming to you my friend.

Mimbres Man said...

Sally showed signs of improvement on Thursday. She's responding to treatment.
We'll see how things fare today (Friday).