Monday, June 29, 2009

Tour Divide at Silver City, NM

I went out and looked for Matthew Lee today. I drove the Georgetown Road which proved to be too slippery for my rental car. I thought I was going to put it into the ditch a couple of times.

Gave up on driving in the slippery mud, so turned around and went out to the Mimbres to look for him, but again, no luck. Came back into town, looked at the Tour Divide website a while later and saw he was on his way into town. I went out to see what he was up to and what he wanted me to do about picking him up in Antelope Wells.
We met at the Grinder Mill, a local-local restaurant where he rode in and had that 2700 mile stare. He ordered a combo burrito, smothered with green chile. Some other cyclists were there, and were asking him all sorts of questions.
You can see the 2700 miles of fatigue in his face. Beat!

Later we went across the street to Jeff's house so Matthew could use the Internet. I will leave in a few hours to meet up with Matthew at the Continental Divide at Separ and I-10. From there he will continue on to Antelope Wells where I will pick him up.

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