Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Riding

This morning did the Continental Divide Trail South in a clock-wise direction. It is such a great trail because it is very diverse;
1.) once on the single track, there is this open grassy country. Very scenic. I like the cairns along this section.

2.) The finger gate; things start changing here. More trees, including ponderosa pines.

2a)Not too far away from the finger gate, there is an unusual patch of soil. It seems to be covered with something that looks like lichen. I looked a little closer and it looks like the lichen seems to be covering a crust of cryptobiotic soil. Cryptobiotic soil is more common in the 4-corners area and this is the only patch of the stuff I've seen or know about in this area. Like I posted earlier, this patch has been there for a long while.

3.) Gomez peak area, is a mix of vegetation including agave and alligator bark juniper.

I had reached the road and met up with Nathan and Mike. We rode the Gomez Peak Trail System, then headed back into town.

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