Sunday, March 07, 2010

Full Rigid Merlin

For the longest time I walked this section of trail. If I was still in my 20's, probably no hesitation, I used to ride down stuff way more technical, but now pushing 50, I am a little more cautious. About a month ago I looked at it and it wasn't quite as hairy as it used to be. I decided I could do it. Now I do it routinely, but dab free (putting a foot down) has only been in the last two runs down it. I still approach it with respect. Could lose teeth or skin on this if not careful.



Mimbres Man said...

I am really liking the rigid Winwood carbonfiber fork. It has really improved the control and handling of the bike. It is comfortable and compliant, yet stiff. The original Ritchey fork was a flexy flier in comparison.

Echelon said...


I notice you post 1410 Oakwood and I saw a comment about Albuquerque. What street did you live on and what High School did you attend?

Cheers from Eldorado HS.

If you need my email Neil has it.