Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Wife is an Amazing Person!

My wife is an amazing person. She is Venezuelan, a Guanesa from Ciudad Bolivar on the banks of the mighty Orinoco River. She has lived a full life, but not an easy life. Her life is like many who grow up in a developing country; a life of hardship and heartbreak.

My wife has always been one who was driven to improve herself. To improve her lot in life. Never staying still for very long.

When I met her, she was working in the Venezuelan oil service industry as an office assistant.

Before meeting me, her job afforded her to buy a Fiat Uno, a small compact car. She bought this car even though she could not drive. She wanted the car so she could be more mobile and it would improve her life. Her cousin chauffeured her around, much like Driving Miss Daisy. When she needed to learn English to improve her position in the oil service industry, she sold the car to pay her tuition at an English Institute in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

When I met her 9 1/2 years ago, her English was okay, but not perfect. We got/get along fine. We celebrated out 8th wedding anniversary last December. Her English is much Spanish is still minimal.

Since being married, she continues her quest to improve herself...First it was getting Microsoft certified to keep her resume' up to date. Then it was going to a local 3-year university and getting a degree in English which she did.

She took a little course on decorative gelatin desserts. Her desserts are popular at family gatherings.

She tried culinary school, but didn't like the chefs yelling at her and the other students, and decided it was too stressful of profession. She did get a good deal on some killer German-made knives.

Lately she has decided to pursue a career in nursing. She is now attending classes to become a nurse's assistant, and perhaps she will continue to become a full-fledged nurse. She seems to enjoy it, and I am very proud of her.

The latest thing she is pursuing is cake making and decorating. She is learning to how to make cakes and icing from scratch and to decorate them professionally. She has the idea of making this a side-business some day. This past week she bought pans, measuring cups, and the various tools needed to make a professional quality cake, and she made her first cake. The assignment was to decorate the cake with a simple illustration worthy of a children's birthday party. She chose Hello Kitty.
We cut the cake on Friday and we nibbled around Hello Kitty's face all weekend. She wanted to save the face to show her sisters. She's a funny woman.

I love my wife...big time!


Monet said...

LoL, That's cute! Good job, Tania! I really wish she could meet Olga. Olga is so good at stuff like this and candy she's just an incredible human being! I so hope Tania gets her Passport to come to the U.S. I want to introduce her to my friends!
I love you both so much! Good luck with the Nursing school! Grandmother would be so proud too. :)

Mimbres Man said...

She finally had her appointment for the new passport last Wednesday, so it will be about 15 days from then. We will then go to the US Embassy ASAP.

nierman said...

Fantastic! My daughter saw this up on the screen & would love such a cake for her 7th birthday in July! Now, how to ship...

Gunnar Berg said...

Addy had Hello Kitty seatcovers on her car when she was in high school. She read an article about how the icon with no mouth typified the Japanese concept of women. She cut large open mouths out of black electrician's tape for her poor little mute pussies.

(I just dropped her a note encouraging her to contact Jan Hart for advice.)