Saturday, March 27, 2010

Unusual Sightings Today

First day of Spring Break so I went for a bike ride with my friend Daniel. Right out of the gate, just riding along, I broke a spoke. We rode up the hill, down the Acuario Trail, and we rode around El Morro to get to The Rails. We were blocked by a large organized group of young walkers on some kind of event. We turned around and headed back to the Acuario Trail. As I ride, I always glance at the sea to see if anything unusual is going on out there. I saw a ship that didn't look like an oil tanker. We kept riding around the island.

We hike a bike up the Acuario Trail and saw this Uruguayan warship steam past while we were taking a short break. A rare sight for sure. Note; according to Wikipedia, this is ROU 04 (see the 4 on the bow), the General Artigas.

We pedaled up the remainder of the Acuario then up the Falla Trail, across the top and down the Fausto and The Rails. We wrap up the ride fairly early.

Later in the afternoon I head to the bicycle shop to get the broken spoke replaced. When I got back to my building, the watchman was feeding his turtle. Venezuelans call this a morrocoy. Very cool!

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