Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jose Hernandez

Jose was killed this morning on his way to work. Jose was riding a bicycle to school this morning when he was smashed and ripped to shreds by something big. It was a hit and run and there wasn't much left of Jose of what I have heard. A gruesome death.

Who was Jose? He was one of the day watchmen at our school. I didn't know him really, but he was usually the man who greeting me in the morning when I arrived to the building. He always said "Buenos dias!" and I think he meant it.

We have had somewhat of a revolving door of security guards at our school. The security company doesn't pay much, and the job is tedious. But Jose didn't seem to mind. He occupied himself by going beyond his job description and actually helped several of us teachers when we needed it. Just yesterday, he helped Daniel and I unload some sacks of soil for a campus beautification project that Daniel and his environmental science class is doing.

It seems that Jose died alone. This afternoon we went to the funeral home to pay our condolences to his family. The funeral home was empty, apparently there was a change of plans and his remains were in the morgue at the local hospital. No wake or funeral for Jose. No family member were to be found. His remains will be buried tomorrow in a local cemetery. I just want people to know that he existed and he seemed an honest and kind guy. A commodity that seems rare in these times in Venezuela.


Gunnar Berg said...

People are supposed to die of old age, surrounded by friends and family. I lit a candle in my heart for him.

Mimbres Man said...

Thanks Gunnar. I've made a few editing changes, typos and such. I wrote this in about 5 minutes...

We went out drinking tonight. Our first toast usually goes "down with authority" but tonight it went "to Jose!" He was a good guy! To Jose!

Bob said...

"He was a good guy!"

Sometimes the simplest honor is the greatest.

redravine said...

Very sad, Barin. Good of you to honor him with this post. ~Roma