Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Riding

I've been trying to get some time in the saddle between now and June. Not having the bike handy during my work week makes it difficult, so I have been riding the spinbike at the gym and I have a home elliptical trainer (aka torture device). This weekend I ended up doing two good rides; Saturday I rode about 30 miles, and Sunday about 20 miles. Good fun, feeling good, and losing a little weight which makes the climbing a bit easier.

I took this pic on Saturday. Its been very hazy the last few weeks, probably due to range fires. Its very dry right now.

This is a pic looking down off the Acuaro trail. I've been cleaning this regularly, but today I dabbed (arrgh) on the entrance to the steep part (you can see it as that dark shadow just in front of the white jersey wearing rider).

I tried to get a pic of riders coming off the Fausto switchback, but it took me too long to get my camera out of my jersey pocket, turned on, etc. The pic I was going for was the riders all silhouetted against the sky on the switchback, also due to the hazy air quality right now. (There is that white jersey again.)

Anyway, killer rides!

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