Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Interior Painting Project

We've been living in our apartment for about 18 months. When you buy a new apartment in Venezuela it is unfinished. Our apartment did not have flooring, a kitchen, or air conditioning. The only thing that was semi-finished were the bathrooms (and they still need some tweeking). There have been many projects over the past two years; laying down a ceramic floor, air conditioning installation, a custom kitchen, building closets, light fixture installation, etc.

Most of the apartment still has the original base coat of a neutral color. Painting is a semi-small project so I am getting this project done while I am on break. I've been needing to do this for a while but it has been low on the priority list.

Textured Paint (without flash)

Hallway Ceiling (without flash)

I started the prep work for painting the interior of our apartment the other day and yesterday actually started painting. I my first section of using textured paint for the ceiling of our short hallway. Kind of cool stuff. Its very thick and grainy, like puddy. I rolled it on with a coarse roller. This morning I touched up the edges using a sponge brush.

Wall Colors (without flash)

Today I started on the walls. We are painting the hallway, 3 walls of the living room a "Sea Sand" color...a light yellowish color. A couple of walls, 1 in the living room and the wall on our bar, and above the cabinets in the kitchen will be a burnt orange color called "Grand Canyon". The Sea Sand is looking good with our dark cabinets. Hopefully the Grand Canyon color will too.


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Have a merry Christmas,Mims!!!
You should have plenty of time to get it done...have fun w/ it!


sidra khan said...

Good job man! interior painting Seattle

Shahzad said...

Good job man!!!!!!!! interior painting Seattle