Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nearly 48 Hours without Internet


Bird on a Bar


Heading Home

On Friday night the Internet went out. It just came back on. Its been sporadic lately...not really sure what's going on.

I've slowly been prepping to paint the living room/kitchen. Now I think things are ready, I will lay down the newspapers and plastic bags tomorrow (no plastic tarps here) and begin painting. I am ready for a change. In Jan/Feb, I plan on buying some new furniture.

Since being on vacation, I've been riding. Did a good ride on Friday, and another on Saturday, a little spin today. Been getting more fit (a relative term) therefore I'm enjoying single speeding again, but my knees/legs are feeling it (why I went for a "easy" spin today). My 32:18 can be a tough gear for certain climbs.

A few of pics from Saturday's ride. Just goofing around with camera angles.

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