Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Christmas Project Progress

I painted until about 3:00 then knocked off. About 3:30 my wife, Tania, had to rush off to a family funeral. A cousin of hers was killed by a drunk driver early Christmas morning.

I headed to my ex-pat Christmas dinner by foot. It was very enjoyable.

Today I got up and went for a bike ride. Kind of standard stuff. The sea was rough so I watched that for a few minutes.

Caribbean Surf

I got home about 10:00, vegged for a moment, then about 11:30 I continued painting this time in the entry foyer. Got it done by 3:00 and now I am finished with the light color and tomorrow will start on darker, contrasting color.

Foyer Area Paint and Light Fixture

Also done is the installation of our hallway light fixture. The bezel on this small fixture pretty much matches the shape of the fixture in the living room. I think I will rattlecan that aluminum intake grill white. I also want to do that with the breaker box (not shown) and the exposed pipes on the on-demand water heater.

Hallway Light Fixture and Air Conditioning Intake Grill

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SS:Mtn Biker said...

Hope Tania's doin ok. Painting project's looking gat so far,Mims!