Saturday, December 13, 2008


Almost committed seppuku on this morning's ride. First time that I can recall in 20+ years of mtn biking of having an accident of this type.

I was riding with a big group. As I was approaching this third world storm/sewer drain. Name:  g1.jpg Views: 10 Size:  289.4 KB
Note the missing grating on the left. A rider was stalled on the right side, taking up the best line. I tried maneuvering around his left.

Something happened. I got crossed up and started falling towards that big hole.
Name:  g2.jpg Views: 10 Size:  267.8 KB

So instead of falling into the big hole, I think I leaned forward, then discovered my handlebar was right there. I landed square on the bar end with my gut, about halfway between sternum and bellybutton.
Name:  ab1.jpg Views: 9 Size:  181.5 KB

Fortunately I am using WTB Trials grips, and that kept me from committing hari kari.
Name:  g4.jpg Views: 9 Size:  162.0 KB

Another look at the hole I was avoiding.
Name:  g5.jpg Views: 10 Size:  248.2 KB

Lesson learned...make sure you have your handlebar ends properly plugged or have grips that cover the end of the handlebar.


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Wow,Mims,that woulda definately hurt!

Mimbres Man said...

kind of knocked the air of me. I sat there for a minute or so before I got back up. No big deal.